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    Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! I'm Quenetta Gordon, principal event planner and designer at Something Blue Weddings & Events. The internet is a very big place and I know that, at any moment, there are thousands of places you could choose to go to get the information and inspiration you're looking for to plan your wedding. But something brought you HERE and I'm so excited about that! My intent is to keep you coming back for more by dishing up insightful advice and fun (and don't forget PRETTY) inspiration for your celebration. I'll also share some of the goings-on here at Something Blue!

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Something Blue featured in Fall/Winter 2012 The Knot Ohio magazine

We are thrilled to be one of three wedding planners selected for the Wedding Planner Dish feature in the current edition of The Knot Ohio magazine. In the article, I give inside information on how I approach getting to know my couples so that we can incorporate more meaningful elements into their wedding. I also provide tips on how to thoughtfully plan the entire wedding experience for your guests from their first interaction with your wedding to the last. I hope you come away with some ideas that you can use to enhance your special celebration!

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Making Your Bridesmaids Comfortable for Your Outdoor Ceremony

Every year, thousands of brides dream of having an outdoor wedding ceremony. These ceremonies are gorgeous but pose their own challenges. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, and intend on having your bridesmaids standing in the grass, you may want to think about whether or not the ground will be completely dry for your wedding. Even when there hasn’t been any rain, grass can still be very soft due to recent lawn maintenance and watering. The average ceremony lasts about 20 minutes, which is a looonnnggg time for a bridesmaid who feels as though she’s standing in quick sand.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, don’t take any chances! Make sure you provide some protection for you and your girls from having your heels sink into the grass. There are very practical (and inexpensive) ways to make sure your bridesmaids are more comfortable during the ceremony in the event the grass and underlying soil are damp.

Photo via

I love this idea! These bridesmaids are standing on rocks that protect their heels from sinking into the ground beneath. You just need to make sure the rocks are wide enough to stand on comfortably so that your girls don’t feel like they’re standing on a tight rope.

Another simple idea to protect heels from sinking into grass is to buy Solemates. Solemates are attachments that go over your heel and increase the surface area of the heel base to prevent sinking into the grass. These babies come in four colors, so choose the color that will be the most discreet for your shoes!

Make sure your ceremony design is both beautiful and functional. Your bridesmaids will thank you for it!

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Something Blue Weddings & Events Featured in The Knot Ohio Magazine!

We are so excited to see the fun, vibrant, and gorgeous wedding of Anne and John featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 edition of The Knot Ohio magazine! We had a blast planning and designing their wedding, which took place last Spring at the always beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory.

Go pick up a copy and check us out!

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Selecting Your Wedding Dress

In the last few weeks, we’ve spoken about how many people to take wedding shopping, as well as who to take and who not to take. This week, I’d like to share a couple of tips on selecting your wedding dress once you get to the salon.

Claire Pettibone Collection. Photo via Munaluchi Bride.

1. You are allowed to change your mind!

You’ve probably scoured every blog and magazine, bookmarked and ripped out pages of dresses that you fell in love with instantly. You call around to bridal salons in your area to see who carries your favorite bridal lines. You make your appointments, try them all on and, HORRORS, you’re not that crazy about any of them! Now what??

What brides often find is that there is a big gap between what dresses look stunning in a magazine and what dresses look stunning on THEM. Give yourself permission to fall in love with a dress that is different from the styles you are drawn to on paper. You will save yourself a lot of stress by doing so! Be open to the salon stylist bringing you different dresses that he/she has a feeling will work beautifully with your shape and personality without veering too far away from what you’ve already shown them tends to catch your eye.

2. Be ready to choose between two or more dresses you love equally!

For some, they know the dress as soon as they set eyes on it. It may or may not happen that way with you. In the event you find yourself torn between more than one dress, here is a go-to move to help you break the tie. Be mindful of the camera angles from which most wedding photos are taken. The majority of them tend to be the front of the dress from the waist up. So when push comes to shove, don’t make your final selection based on the beading at the bottom of the dress that most of your guests won’t pay attention to and will probably only be visible in a handful of photos, if at all!

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