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Who to Take (and Who Not to Take) Dress Shopping

Photo from "Bridesmaids"

It’s possible that deciding who to invite wedding dress shopping with you may be one of the first tough calls for you to make during the planning process. This is especially true if you have a large, tightknit family and/or group of friends who are local to the city in which you will be doing your shopping. I have a few suggestions for making the decision of whom to have with you a bit easier:

*I already mentioned this in a previous post but it bears repeating here. When possible, take your mom! Take her even if you know she will say you are drop-dead gorgeous no matter what. She can’t help it! To your mom, you are one of the most beautiful women on earth. She thinks any dress would be lucky to have YOU wearing IT on your wedding day–not the other way around!

*With that said, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone who is a bit more objective. Invite at least one person who you would trust to be completely honest with you. This person will tell you whether a dress should go in the thumbs-up pile or in the “Umm…that would be a NO” pile.

*There is most likely a limit on how much you are willing to or are able to spend on your wedding dress. Take people with you who are going to RESPECT that. Don’t take the friend who will constantly try to draw you to dresses that, although beautiful, have price tags that will make you ill. Your wedding planner would be more than happy to serve in the roles of Ghosts of Budget Past, Present, and Future during your salon visits if you think you are vulnerable to having a weak moment. We know what money you’ve already spent, and the money you will be spending soon thereafter.

*Let’s be honest. For some of you, not all of your friends will share the same level of enthusiasm about your impending nuptials for any number of reasons. If there is a friend (or two) who you feel will not be able to put aside their misgivings for the time being, let them sit this one out. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for either one of you. If that includes pretty much the majority of the people you know, well then that’s a different post for another day.

Join us next Monday as we talk about selecting your wedding dress!


About the Author: I recently watched “Bridesmaids” for the first time with my husband. He thought it was just going to be another chick flick. The movie was so hilarious that even HE loved it! If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?!

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How Many People to Take Wedding Dress Shopping

Jim Hjelm gown via JLM Couture.

Chances are you have several people (mom, girlfriends, and possibly a close guy friend or two) who are over-the-moon excited for you and want to help find THE ONE.

Dress, that is!

You value their opinions and want to share this experience with them, but it’s probably not practical to take everyone with you to shop for your wedding dress. So how many of them should you take? There are no hard and fast rules for this. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you reach a reasonable decision:

*If you can, definitely take your mom with you. Whether or not she’s a fan of fashion or weddings, this is probably something she’s dreamed about since the day you were born.

*You can quickly become overwhelmed by too many opinions shouting at you all at once, making it difficult to make the right purchasing decision. I would suggest not exceeding the number you are normally comfortable having with you on a regular shopping trip. In other words, if more than 3 of your friends is too much for you to deal with on a trip to Nordstrom, then don’t take 8 of them with you to the bridal salon!

*If you are going to be visiting bridal salons on days of the week that tend to be the busiest for them, especially some of the larger stores, then be mindful that the salon will already be pretty crowded during your visit. In that instance, you and your group may be more comfortable if your group size is smaller.

I’d love to hear from you! How many people did you take to look for wedding dresses? Did you find it to be too many or not enough?

Next Monday, we’ll be talking about WHO to take (and who NOT to take) dress shopping.


About the Author: I went on 2 shopping trips and took no more than 3 people with me both times. I thought it worked out pretty well!

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Pinterest Finds: Winter-Inspired Desserts and Drinks

Here are some of my favorite pins from Pinterest this week. They are all fun desserts and drinks that could easily be incorporated into a wedding or other special event. Enjoy!


Apple cider served in scooped-out apple. Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

Snowflakes made of white chocolate. Photo via The Frosted Petticoat.

Winter wedding cake. Photo by Genevieve Leiper via Style Me Pretty

Christmas-tini. Photo via Everything LEB.

Click here to follow along on Pinterest. Happy Pinning!


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